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Animation is one of the most effective methods for communicating complex or deep topics. We specialize in the branding, condensation, design, and animation of content to maximize audience retension and message articulation.

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Screen from the Success in the New Economy animation. Reads as Success in the new economy. How prospective college students can gain a competitive advantage.

Success in the New Economy

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Citrus College supported the production of “Success in the New Economy” to help a broader audience begin to understand preparation today for tomorrow’s labor market realities. The end result is a compelling case for students to explore career choices early, make informed decisions when declaring their college education goal, and to consider technical skill acquisition, real-world application and academics (career technical programs) in tandem with a classic education.

Over 5 million views across all platforms.

My City of Hope

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Patients being able to have digital access to their healthcare portal was of prime importance to our client. This animation was created as a PSA for City of Hope patients, informing of them of the platform, tools, and resources available to them.

Screenshot from My City of Hope explainer animation
screenshot from SkillsUSA Framework explainer animation.


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SkillsUSA needed a video to condense information on their framework, a core drive for their program.

We were able to visually illustrate each component of their framework in a clean, digestible, and impactful way.

Military Articulation Platform

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Norco College provides a platform for veterans to access the tools and resources they need to accomplish their academic goals. This animation serves as a communication vehicle for this MAP service, and helps veterans understand the value and resource that is MAP.

Screen from Norco College Military Articulation Program animation


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